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Pastor Ed Anderson

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God's Simple Plan of Salvation     El Plan De Dios Para La Salvación

Welcome to Faith Bible Baptist Church

We welcome you to browse through our website and its helpful features.

Our goal is to walk in the spiritual pattern of our Lord Jesus Christ.  We would like to encourage others to be strengthened by faith in Christ by meditating on the inspired Scriptures and putting it into action.

Jesus can motivate you to have “love from a pure heart, a good conscience, and a sincere faith.”

For those seeking the Lord, there is “God’s Simple Plan of Salvation.”  It is short and gets right to the point.  It is in both English and Spanish.  Those who put their faith in Christ and follow Him will find that this is the greatest Gift from Heaven.

In addition to this, each week a new article is posted covering many different topics.  Some deal with themes like:

  • Can a person know for sure that they are going to heaven?  Can we really trust the Bible? 
  • How can a couple keep their marriage together? 
  • Better methods to raise our children. 
  • Is truth dead? 
  • How to have more joy and peace, security in your life.  
  • The teaching of the Bible and Jesus Christ regarding a Biblical marriage. 
  • Can someone be good enough to earn their way into heaven? 

If we can be any help and comfort to you, please contact us through the website, by email and by calling us. 

 Pastor Ed Anderson

509 South Elm Street
Yuma, Colorado  80759

(970) 848-0769

May the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you --  Pastor Edwin Anderson

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