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The Man Who Lent His Tomb for Three Days             May 1, 2022

Joseph is his name, the 12th Joseph in my library. He made his home 20 miles from the City of David – Jerusalem. He and his relatives grew up in a small city of priests – Arimathea. And thus he is known to us today as the Bible calls him, Joseph of Arimathea. This man was a Bible scholar and was waiting for the Kingdom. And, the greatest of all Sanhedrin governing lawyers, he lent his precious grave to the SON of GOD!

His deep studies in the Scriptures fascinated him:  Abraham, the father of the nation (Kingdom) Israel, a lineage out of Judah, narrowing to King David and the town of Bethlehem. Then all Israel began to hear of a Nazarene citizen by the name of Jesus, meaning “God saves.” This Jesus preached to thousands and thousands and preached what?  THE KINGDOM of GOD.

“That’s it!” – the miracle at Bethany when Lazarus was raised from the dead. Joseph had heard of this Jesus. No one had ever revived a four-day human carcass. Jesus did. All the Jewish rabbis said they believed only God could raise a dead person back to life. Jesus had done it. So Joseph of Arimathea believed Jesus to be the Son of God, and he became a secret disciple of Jesus.  The Jewish Pharisees and Sadducees ganged up to capture, judge, and crucify Jesus.  His crime—claiming He was the Son God.  What did God claim?  Jesus IS MY SON (Matthew 3:1 by God and John the Baptist).

After the death of Jesus on the cross, Joseph hurried to Governor Pilate to ask for the beaten and bloody crucified Body. He got it. With his servants, he carefully took the Body to Joseph’s newly finished tomb. Another new convert, Nicodemus, joined with his servants to carry expensive 100 pounds of myrrh and aloes to use in carefully wrapping the body like a king. They rushed to finish the burial before sunset.

“After this, behold, there was a man named Joseph, a rich man from Arimathea, a city of the Jews, [and] a prominent council member, who was himself waiting for the kingdom of God; good and just man [and] a disciple of Jesus, but secretly, for fear of the Jews. He had not consented to their decision and deed. Coming and taking courage, this man went to Pilate and asked that he might take away the body of Jesus. . .. Pilate gave him permission [and] commanded the body to be given to Joseph. So he came and took the body of Jesus.

“Then Joseph bought fine linen [and] took Him down. And Nicodemus, who at first came to Jesus by night, also came, bringing a mixture of myrrh and aloes, about a hundred pounds. Then they took the body of Jesus, and wrapped it in strips of clean linen cloth with the spices, as the custom of the Jews is to bury.”

Matt. 27:57-66; Mark 15:42-47; Luke 23:50-56; John 19:31-42

Scripture taken from One Perfect Life by John McArthur


Pastor Edwin Anderson 


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